Everybody should do a Playground Break from time to time with random people and the world would be a better place!

Каждому нужно время от времени перерывать площадку со случайными людьми, и мир стал бы лучше!

Todo el mundo debería hacer un recreo de tiempo en tiempo con gente al azar y el mundo sería un lugar mejor!


हर समय यादृच्छिक लोगों के साथ एक खेल का मैदान तोड़ देना चाहिए और दुनिया एक बेहतर जगह होगी!

الجميع يجب أن تفعل استراحة ملعب من وقت لآخر مع الناس بشكل عشوائي وسيكون العالم مكانا أفضل!

সবাই এলোমেলো মানুষের সাথে সময় থেকে একটি নৌকা বিরতি করতে হবে এবং বিশ্বের একটি ভাল জায়গা হবে!

Todo mundo deve fazer um playground Break de vez em quando com pessoas aleatórias eo mundo seria um lugar melhor!

Semua orang perlu melakukan Break Taman Permainan dari semasa ke semasa dengan orang-orang rawak dan dunia akan menjadi tempat yang lebih baik!

Tout le monde devrait faire une pause aire de jeux de temps en temps avec des gens au hasard et le monde serait un meilleur endroit!


Some minigames playable with your friends to reminiscence over the old times at the playground. Inspired by games like Rayman Raving Rabbids and Mario Party. Enjoy!


HTML is single player only - only using mouse!

Downloadable .EXE is playable with up to 4 players - using mouse, gamepads, and any of the following keyboard combinations; Q+E, A+D, Z+X, I+P, J+L, N+M, left+right, num1+num3, num4+num6.


2017-03-13: Submitted for #Resistjam. Didn't have too much time to work on this so still some bugs in there. Hopefully I'll find a solution soon.

2017-03-14: Added some translations for my friends all over the world and explained controls in depth.


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Cute game, cute music! It would be fun to network the browser version behind the scenes so you're playing with strangers each time. I actually thought that might be happening, based on how the other characters acted.

I like the use of greyed-out player sprites for the crowds that form the barriers for some of the games. Clever reuse of graphics. I like the pole-balancing game and the ball rolling game the most, though I was never successful with the ball.