"Another of the more... disturbing entries, this game enigmatically titled Slash Mr. M by Lemth gives you the opportunity to do just what you've always wanted to do! Brutally butcher... Mario?! Yes, the "Mr. M" in the title is, in fact, referring to the greatest 'M' in the gaming world, Mario himself! And in this bizarre game of reflexes, you have to time your cursor just so in order to give everyone's favorite plumber a disemboweling horizontal or vertical slash." - Liv Sommerlot

Reflex testing arcade game for GBJAM 5

About the game:

It's pretty straight forward. You use arrow keys to slice your targets. Get as many points as possible; I challenge you to reach more than 30 points! (I can't get much further than 21 myself...)

I quickly botched up a HTML5 version since the original .exe won't run on HTML5 (due to including Gamemaker physics.) I recommend checking out the downloadable .exe file if you're running Windows; thanks!

About the author:

Hi, I'm Lemth. I recently started creating games after the September 2016 Humble Bundle sale for Game Maker Studio. This is my first fully functioning game which I created specifically for the GBJAM 5 using all my current knowledge.

Words of thanks:

Thank you to /u/GMLWaffle on Reddit for the idea to work particle physics. (they are NOT in the HTML version above, but they are ONLY in the downloadable exe.)

Entire project about 8 hours of work.

Thank you to LittleRobotSoundFactory from Freesound for the great 8-bit sounds!

Don't forget to post your score in the comments!

Also check out my other GBJAM5 submission: T-SWAP!


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SlashMrM.exe 2 MB


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Nice! I too just got GMS from the humble bundle, and it looks like you've made some great progress! We still have a week left, though, so if you want to keep adding and tweaking there's plenty of time! I'll come back and rate towards the end. :)

Also, I have a prototype that uses physics and I put it up here on itch.io in HTML5 and it worked fine. Well, it worked about as well as the windows version. Is there a description somewhere about what they do and don't support with HTML5? I don't want to put a bunch of effort into something that's not supported.

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm actually not sure what works in HTML and what not. I suggest that you (unlinke what I did) test the different compounds of your game early on all targets (windows/Html/,,,)

Looking forward to your entry!

Kind of stopped tweaking this one and had a stab at another submission for this gamejam. I'm quite interested to hear what your thoughts are! Link over here: T-SWAP